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‘Twas a pleasure conversing with this fine Italian gentlemen. He taught me a lot about DeFI and what it means to go from a big tech company like Google to founding your own company by following your convictions.

Angelo’s love for crypto stayed with him as he graduated from University and entered Google, with secret hopes of a team of rogue blockchain developers. Turns out there weren’t any then at Google and it put a damper on his hopes to work in the blockchain industry. After three years at Google and consistent thoughts about the cryptocurrency industry he decided to take the leap into founding a company.

This possibility presented itself when his friendship with his now co-founder and CTO of Dex.Blue turned out to be the spark towards them starting their own crypto business - Dex.Blue. Why a dex? I wondered - turns out Angelo is looking at the long game here, he decided to enter the field with a business he sees as sustainable 10 years down the road. He loves decentralization and wishes to be a part of growing that ecosystem.

On-chain liquidity is interesting, it’s balanced asset pools on smart contracts with ‘automated market makers’ which are basically people putting more of one asset in to pull the other out. Uniswap was basically the first of these protocols and by far the most successful, Balancer then came in with a new idea which allows for pools to have balances that aren’t simple 50/50.

Next we went down the Oracle Problem rabbit hole for a bit, this dilemma of how does a decentralized application connect with real world dynamic data. There’s a few different approaches and Angelo shares his thoughts on these. Following this we dive into the craze occurring in the DeFI market at the moment, what these governance token incentives mean for the space and if this is sustainable with potential adoption at the end of the tunnel. This section is a great way to learn more how to yield farm and value these protocols for longer term price forecasting.

To wind down we spoke about governance in these tokens and if VC backing is interested in this or just buying to dump the tokens. The deflationary token issue in Balancer and how a team should approach issues like this and then closed with Angelo sharing his views on the future of DeFI and Dex.Blue.

00:00 – 02:30 Introduction

02:30 – 05:28 Background and going from big tech to crypto

05:28 – 12:00 Dex.Blue, why build a dex?

12:00 – 17:45 On-chain liquidity

17:45 – 21:45 The Oracle Problem

21:45 – 26:25 What is going on in DeFI?

26:25 – 36:55 What is yield farming? How to value these protocols?

36:55 – 41:32 Is crypto leaving the wild west? Venture capitalists in governance

41:32 – 53:50 What is Balancer? What happened with deflationary tokens?

53:50 – 57:09 Governance in DeFI and how it adjusts to real world events (protocol interactions)

57:09 – 1:01:13 The future of Dex.Blue and DeFI