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A chat with Mason Byeongkook Jang the Chief Strategy Officer and Soojin Lim Chief Product Officer of CryptoQuant - a company that specializes on analyzing on-chain data such as exchange and miner wallet flows. The team consists of 14 data scientists and software engineers.

I became curious about their project when I saw how well their lined up perfectly with the March 12th crash and would’ve been a beautiful warning of something wild to come. Their approach to on-chain analytics is refreshing and helpful to both the investors and traders.

In this episode, we discuss removing anonymity from the blockchain, some of their product offerings such as exchange inflows and outflows, miner wallets, and average exchange deposits. Another topic we touched upon was using their MPI (miners position index) to analyze the last two halvenings, and for the current halvening they provided us with an analysis in our FTX April Digest.

00:00 – 03:44 Mason and Soojin’s background and introduction to crypto

03:44 – 05:20 CryptoQuant introduction

05:20 - 07:34 Why on-chain data can be valuable even though it is mostly public

07:34 – 10:00 Does removing anonymity from the blockchain reflect a risk?

10:00 – 13:50 Product Introduction: Exchange inflows, miner wallets and average exchange deposits

13:50 – 15:43 MPI (Miners position index) over the last two halvings

15:43 – 17:23 The deposits that triggered the downturn after the 2009 “Satoshi’s address” tweet from Whale Calls

17:23 – 19:10 A new metric for exchange rankings

19:10 – 21:32 Goals and roadmap for CQ.Live