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A great insight into the crypto space in Hong Kong and China. Charles has been in the industry for a while and as head trader of Genesis Block HK he has about the closest look you can get into the flows occurring on this side of the world. This is a great episode to gain some color on the Asia scene.

00:00 – 04:14 Introduction and what it means to be Korean

04:14 – 11:35 Genesis Block HK inception, culture and what it does

11:45 – 14:10 Empowering employees in a company

14:10 – 20:17 Pivoting as a business model and building a foundation for the next bull run

20:17 – 28:51 Tech infrastructure and how trading works at Genesis Block HK

28:51 – 37:49 Growing a sustainable team and company in crypto

37:49 – 42:37 Customer support as a fundamental pillar

42:37 – 45:00 Staying hungry and avoiding complacency

45:00 – 53:00 Market conditions and where to live in this crazy world

53:00 – 55:23 What happened with the arrested OTC guy in China

55:23 – 57:29 How concerning is this for you being in Hong Kong?

57:29 – 59:50 Genesis Block HK going forward and not giving up financial freedom