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Ivan Martinez: Previously 3+ years of Software Engineering. Full-stack Web3 developer, Golang Ethereum developer, previously at AuroraDAO (IDEX).

Ivan Martinez is at the forefront of ETH 2.0 development. He took the time to share the latest in this multi-year journey of launching the next upgrade to the [Ethereum](( blockchain. As a member of Prysmatic Labs, one of the leading organizations in this effort, he is able to bestow an insider view of the progress being made.

I learned a lot during this interview as it comes during an exciting time, where we are seeing a significant spike of use of the Ethereum blockchain, initially for stablecoins and now with DeFI protocols seeing large inflows of funds. It will be interesting to see if the incentive is enough for everything to migrate to ETH 2.0.

Ivan touches on how decentralized blockchain development works and the systems of grants that keep these projects alive. Curious about how ETH 2.0 works? Well, here’s a chance to hear about it from the horse’s mouth.

00:28 – 02:50 Path to a career in development

02:50 – 05:27 Transitioning to blockchain development

05:27 – 09:00 Idex and volunteer work for Prysmatic Labs

09:00 – 12:50 How Ethereum development works and who gets the funding?

12:50 – 14:56 Officially joining Prysmatic Labs

14:56 – 16:38 Why ETH 2.0?

16:38 – 22:26 Phase 0 of ETH 2.0 and the transition from ETH 1 to 2

22:26 – 27:28 Is ETH 2.0 still a world computer?

27:28 – 30:45 What happens to existing project and platforms on ETH?

30:45 – 35:55 Inflation and staking on ETH 2.0

35:55 – 37:12 Did Bitmex Research portray ETH 2.0 correctly?