Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: +4.7% | ETH-PERP: -0.8%

ALT: -1.2% | MID: -5.4% | SHIT: -10.9% | DEFI-PERP: -20.0%

BVOL: -15.6% | iBVOL: +14.20%

HASH: +1.86%

FTT: -3.7% | FTT/BTC: -9.49%

SRM: -12.5%


  • The surprise launch of UNI tokens was big news. Uniswap distributed 150m UNI to historical liquidity providers and users of its platform and started a liquidity mining program. Within hours, it was listed on several major exchanges including FTX. It started trading around $3 and traded as high as $8.50 on Saturday before coming down a bit.

  • Inflows into WBTC intensified, with over 20,000 being minted this week. It got listed on more exchanges and was often trading as high as 50 bps over BTC.


  • FTX launched UNI markets (futures and spot)
  • FTX launched HGET spot market
  • FTX launched UBXT spot market
  • FTX launched CREAM markets (futures and spot)