Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: +21.72% | ETH-PERP: 26.95%

ALT: +26.49% | MID: +8.89% | SHIT: 0.66% | DEFI-PERP: +2.08%

BVOL: 14.97% | iBVOL: -23.17%

HASH: +5.19%

FTT: +14.98% | FTT/BTC: -5.21%

AMPL-PERP: -40.66%

MTA-PERP: -7.23%


  • DeFi returns were more mixed this week than in the recent past, with some coins up a lot and others down – YFI and YFII are among the winners, and still more new projects have been picking up steam.

  • Bitcoin rose slowly and steadily all week, about 20%, until it crashed back down suddenly on Sunday afternoon on the back of a lot of liquidations across products.

  • Major altcoins largely went in the same direction as Bitcoin, many of them outperforming throughout the week only to crash even more than Bitcoin did on Sunday.