Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: +5.93% | ETH-PERP: 29.7%

ALT: +16.1% | MID: +5.26% | SHIT: 3.88% | DEFI-PERP: -1.8%

BVOL: -15.4% | iBVOL: +13.84%

HASH: 1.27%

FTT: +4.1% | FTT/BTC: -1.94%

Jul 20 07:35 - Jul 26 00:00 UTC

RUNE-PERP: +12.83%

Jul 23 05:00 - Jul 26 00:00 UTC

AMPL-PERP: 115.91%

Jul 25 06:25 - Jul 26 00:00 UTC

YFI-PERP: -4.49%


  • ETH was the big story of the past few days – lots of more minor altcoins have been rallying for weeks (and they continued this week, largely, too), but ETH has lagged. Many speculated that ETH was likely to follow suit given various fundamental reasons for correlation, and it delivered.

  • Among the many altcoins that have done well, DeFi has kept its place in the spotlight with seemingly a few new hot coins every week – this week, YFI and MTA rallied quite a lot, leading the way there.

  • Over the weekend BTC finally decided to join the party, as well, shooting above 10k for the first time in a while, and leaving behind the weeks of record-low volatility we’ve seen lately.


  • FTX DeFi Trading Competition is live!

  • FTX launched MTA markets (futures and spot)

  • FTX launched RUNE markets (futures and spot)

  • FTX launched AMPL markets (futures and spot)

  • FTX launched YFI spot market

  • FTX launched XRP spot market

  • FTX launched TRUMPWIN and TRUMPLOSE spot markets

  • Over 5 million FTT, around $15million, is burnt so far! We take 33% of fees earned on FTX and use them to buy and burn FTT each week.