Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: -1.25% | ETH-PERP: -1.11%

ALT: +0.68% | MID: +10.75% | SHIT: +6.68%

BVOL: -14.44% | iBVOL: +14.34%

HASH: +2.24%

FTT: +2.04% | FTT/BTC: +3.28%

DEFI-PERP: +4.64% | MKR-PERP: 1.61%

DOGE-PERP: +46.13%

Jul 05 00:00 UTC - Jul 08 23:25

VET-PERP: +4.49%


  • Bitcoin maintained its relatively low volatility this week – it moved between 9k and 9500, largely following SPX’s lead, but all its moves happened pretty quickly and most of the time it was quite calm.

  • Altcoins, on the other hand, have been extremely volatile, with many low- and mid-tier alts up quite a lot in the past week. This is true across types of alts – DeFi coins, the coins in SHIT, exchange tokens, “bigger alts,” etc. – and it’s been pretty consistently happening all week.

  • Specifically worth highlighting is the continued ascent of DeFi coins – many are rallying a ton, with newly hot coins like AMPL up quite a lot.


  • FTX launched VET markets (spot, futures, and leveraged tokens).