Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: -1.7% | ETH-PERP: -1.63%

ALT: -4.3% | MID: -3.6% | SHIT: +7.7%

BVOL: -9.9% | iBVOL: +9.6%

HASH: +0%

FTT: -2.7% | FTT/BTC: -0.7%


  • BTC’s correlation with traditional financial markets picked up this week after the long period of low correlation in the past few weeks, with BTC selling off -6.33% and SPX tanking 5.89% on Jun 12.


  • Liquidation-driven volatile moves continued to happen around the $10,000 level: BTC shot up briefly to around $10,011 on the back of lots of very aggressive bids, but quickly retracted all the gains and dipped to as low as $9,660 in a 2 minutes time frame. See this Twitter feed for thoughts from Alameda Research trader.