Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: +3.34% | ETH-PERP: +5.79% | ADA-PERP: +16.99%

ALT: +3.28% | MID: +8.78% | SHIT: +9.75%

BVOL: -3.18% | iBVOL: +0.29%

HASH: -0.02%

FTT: +1.39% | FTT/BTC: -2.08%


  • Except for one day when BTC shot up to 10400 and immediately back down to 9500, volatility has been way down this week. We’ve still been in an overall mean-reverting paradigm, with BTC for instance bouncing between 9k and 10k, and altcoins having similar mean-reverting price action.

  • Traditional market volatility (S&P 500, for instance) volatility is way down as well, and accordingly the traditional markets have way lower correlation with crypto than they did before when they were driving most of BTC’s price movement. As the COVID situation keeps developing, it’ll be important to monitor whether crypto picks this relationship back up, or even develops a new one.

  • Overall though, it’s been a calm week following a fairly long period of increased volatility.