Weekly Price Movements:

BTC-PERP: +8.45% | ETH-PERP: +16.18% | ADA-PERP: +44.56% | THETA-PERP: -38%

ALT: +8.5% | MID: +12.21% | SHIT: +7.26%

BVOL: -5.13% | iBVOL: +3.87%

HASH: -1.07%

FTT: +8.6% | FTT/BTC: +0.23%


THETA was extremely active this week. It moved over to its mainnet, and had 50% price action in both directions. Futures traded significantly under spot during the run-up, and the expected reversion did in fact materialize. Futures are now trading slightly over spot with THETA back down in pre-mainnet price levels.

Hashrate futures have stabilized in the $20s for Q1 2021, implying that the market expects continued growth in overall hashrate output and difficulty.

BTC continued to range in the $9k’s, but the real action this week came in altcoins, with ETH, ADA, and others up a lot. Perhaps it’s a delayed reaction to BTC’s rise last month, or otherwise interest in ETH 2.0’s eventual release.

Fun Facts

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