Volatility globally has gone down in the past few weeks. BTC has mostly not moved much, bouncing around between a \$55k - \$60k range. Over this past weekend, there was somewhat of a de-leveraging where some of the levered long BTC perpetual positions on such exchanges as Binance got liquidated, sending BTC down to around that $55k level – it’s since recovered to around \$57500.

There hasn’t been a ton of categorical movement among altcoins, either. One notable event was the news breaking earlier today that the U.S. will likely be kinder toward XRP than it was previously believed, due to the December reports about the SEC cracking down on it. XRP recovered quite a bit (vs. e.g. BTC, which is under-performed against in the aftermath of that December announcement). At the time of writing, XRP is up about 15% on the day.