June 2020

Platform updates:

  • DeFi Runoff vote – vote for which DeFi token FTX should add next

  • Options improvements:

    • “Quote already canceled” issue resolved – We now guarantee execution at an equal or better price than the displayed quote. If the price worsens, the quote will automatically refresh within the modal and the user needs to accept the updated price before they can execute.
    • Price improvement – if there is a price improvement between when you requested the quote and executed the trade, you will automatically be filled at the improved price
    • Resolved issue with the “All Requests” table temporarily disappearing
  • Speed improvement in several regions – solved various issues causing reduced speeds for some users

  • Grid trading competition now live – Compete for the chance to win an FTX HTC phone, up to $800, and trade with VIP fees for 30 days

  • QuantZone adds day_of_week function – QuantZone traders can now take advantage of the day_of_week function, allowing them to specify a certain day of the week to execute a trade or strategy.

  • Latency stats page – we added a page so users can measure the latency on their order requests.

  • Buying FTT via convert immediately updates your fee schedule if applicable. Deposits and withdrawals now have IDs in downloadable IDs

Markets Updates:

Mobile App Updates:

  • Various android performance improvements
  • Shareable PnL
  • Loading status indicators when you open the app
  • Speed improvements for some users – should take less time to open the app up after it’s sleeping or closed, and captcha should load more quickly

Minor Changes:

  • Can transfer any currency into competition subaccounts once the competition is finished.
  • Various UI updates:
    • We always show FTT, BTC, and USDT at the top of wallet balances (except for Fiat, where we only additionally show USDT). Still respects “Hide zero balances”
    • Fiat deposits have a totally revamped UI
    • Fee card updated in the settings page
    • Input field for options strike price changes the price in increments of 10
    • FTT page has an updated whitepaper
    • Funding rates “Future” column renamed to “Market”
    • Various bug fixes and UI improvements on the Wallets page
    • Various improvements to the convert modal
    • ftx.com/apps is cleaner/faster to load on older phones
    • “How to use FTX” link added to all help modals
    • No longer get erroneous fill notifications when you turn on “Fill notifications” for the first time
    • Leaderboard and volume monitor links no longer open in new tab, consistent with other links on the platform
    • Options UI fix
    • Market ticker text is aligned with the header (icons to the left) on markets pages