This is the third in a series of posts about our 1 year anniversary. Read the first post on building things from the ground up and fiat support on FTX; and the second post on our team.

Details matter. The big picture matters, too, and you can’t get anywhere without it; but often details cost 1% of the work and provide 30% of the value.

Sometimes, they provide much more. And in that spirit, it’s with great pride that I unveil a new FTX logo.


What more need be said? It pops off the page like a firecracker.

Our old logo is spectacular in its own right:


But the truth is it can’t hold a candle to our newest creation. I’d like to bring your attention to some of its more exquisite details.

First, take a look at that top bar:


The blue there is absolutely phenomenal. It’s oceanic hue mirrors the limitless possibility of crypto, flowing endlessly across your screen. Said Wang Zixiao, famed cryptocurrency innovator: “I couldn’t contain myself when I saw. It’s like, everything you’ve always wanted from EOS, all wrapped together with the world’s most succinct TXID. The second I saw that, I knew I had to move all of my trading volume to FTX: Built By Traders, For Traders.”

Novels could be written about the second bar, but I think a single word sums it up best: sandalwood.

The third bar, though, is where it really gets going.


Soak that in.

Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto certainly did. That’s why he left a message about it in the blockchain itself: “Wow. Just wow. I mean, look at it, you know? That blue. That blue.”

That blue, indeed. The light touch evokes a sense of hope, and of energy, just as Satoshi did in 2009. But it’s more than that. If you’ll notice, we declined to make the right half a different shade than the left half. And as it turns out, that’s no accident. In the end, there are two sides of crypto:


We could have made the right half of the bottom bar yellow. That would have been the obvious thing to do! But we didn’t. Because in the end, as an exchange, we don’t take sides. We support proof of work currencies, proof of stake currencies, ERC20 tokens, BEP2 tokens, omni tokens, and fiat currencies. And in the end it’s that symmetry–proof of work ~ proof of stake, buy ~ sell, up ~ down, bull ~ bear, and now blue ~ blue–that forms the backbone of our product.

Well, I know you’ve all been waiting for it; I’ve saved the best for last.


The crimson there represents so much. Strawberries, obviously, but also fire, and USDT_TRC20, and trailing stops. But beyond all of that, it represents the core of FTX, and really of bitcoin: individualism.

FTX was founded with the mission of allowing full personal expression in the cryptocurrency industry. That’s why we allow you to choose your subaccounts, and saved withdrawal addresses, and above all your password. The crimson of human intuition underscores everything we believe in as a company.

And it’s the reason we’ve been able to hire such a strong team. “I was thinking about where to work after college, and I mean the crimson really stood out to me”, reminisced the Kings of Kindness. “I really liked my other options but in the end they couldn’t compete with the freedom that FTX represents.”

In the end, FTX’s individualism mirrors bitcoin’s. “For what is bitcoin”, mused Zixiao, “if not the right to live your life–and when the time comes, die–on your own terms? That’s really what crypto, and crimson, are about. The right to self determination, and also is now live with margin trading, we should tell people.”

FTX US. A new, regulated US exchange with ACH transfers, a powerful suite of tools, and industry leading margin trading. Brought to you by the color red.


Sam Bankman-Fried