At FTX, we are transforming the future of financial services and building towards a future of web3. FTX Ventures is launching today to accelerate this vision, for builders, by builders. We believe doing right by our users starts by building great products. In this ethos, FTX Ventures is looking to back great teams building great products, across sectors.

We are excited to back builders who share our values: move fast, make the impossible possible, do right by users, follow-through, and improve the world. We will do right by the teams we invest in, by adding strategic value and leveraging our resources, technical and operational expertise across FTX and network of global partners.

We want to make things easy for builders. Our first $2B fund will be flexible capital where we can invest in equity and/or tokens, at any check size and stage. We measure time horizons in decades. We don’t mind if you’re anon. We won’t ask you to present in front of an investment committee.

We’re excited about crypto. We believe digital assets and blockchain technology can reshape our world in the next few decades. Some sectors we’re excited about are gaming, social, software, fintech, and healthcare. We will also occasionally invest outside of crypto.

We love to build, and we feel lucky to get to work with other builders. We’re excited to get to know you.

Sam, Amy, and Ramnik